ASO position on weight bias and stigma

The ASO does not believe there is a place for weight bias and is committed to reducing negative attitudes towards people with overweight or obesity in all settings. Please read the full ASO position paper on weight bias and stigma.

The use of balanced and sensitive visual content is critical in helping to reduce obesity-related prejudice and stigma in the media. We recommend using images from this image bank when representing people with overweight and obesity.

Sponsorship and Collaborative Partnerships with the ASO

Sponsorship or collaborative partnerships with other organisations are important to the ASO. They are of potential benefit to the Association in the following ways:

  • Raising the profile of the ASO as a result of association with a prominent partner
  • Providing an income stream and resourcing for ASO events and activities.

For further information please read the Guidelines for Sponsorship and Collaborative Partnerships with the ASO. We have a group dedicated to strategically reviewing these guidelines.