October 2017

I first became a member of the Association for the Study of Obesity when I was a PhD student, more than 20 years ago now. I recall attending my first ASO conference at the Institute of Child Health in London and having the opportunity to listen to, and learn from, some of the leading obesity researchers in the UK. I found the whole experience very exciting, although as a research student struggling to remain focused on studying obesity and cardiovascular disease I frequently left ASO conferences wishing I was researching some other aspect of obesity that had been made to sound more interesting than my own work. ASO conference attendance and the opportunity this provides to network with other delegates has always been the main highlight of my academic year, and I’m confident that ASO will continue to provide very high quality educational meetings for its members and non-members.

This is now my second term as an ASO Trustee, my first being the period 2005-2011. In this time, I have had the opportunity and good fortune to serve with many distinguished and knowledgeable Trustees and I am particularly grateful to Professor Pinki Sahota and the other Trustees who have recently left the Board. I am honoured to be the Chair of ASO and I am fortunate that my term of office begins with ASO in a strong and sustainable position.  I am also very mindful that the role of the Trustees is to steer ASO with the purpose of maintaining an Association that serves the needs and interests of its members and key stakeholders.

Throughout my involvement with ASO I have also had the opportunity to meet many ASO members and to work collaboratively with organisations such as Diabetes UK, the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science and our valued sponsors from multiple sectors. I’m sure that ASO will increase its collaborative activity in the future and the Board of Trustees actively encourages feedback from its members and warmly welcomes new ideas that have the potential to add value to ASO membership.

I’m looking forward enormously to serving as the Chair of ASO and I look forward to seeing you at future ASO events.

Dr Simon Williams

Chair, Association for the Study of Obesity