ASO Trustee Professor Rachel Batterham presents BBC Programme – Obesity: How prejudiced is the NHS?

Britain has a serious problem with obesity - and the medical cost is threatening to bankrupt our health service.

Professor Rachel Batterham, Head of the obesity services at University College Hospital and a research scientist, presents this BBC documentary. She explores whether there is 'fat prejudice' against obese patients within parts of the NHS that is stopping them accessing a potentially cost effective surgery, even when recent scientific research supports it.

The Programme airs on BBC Two on Tuesday 11 April, 9.00 - 10.00pm.

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2 Responses to “ASO Trustee Professor Rachel Batterham presents BBC Programme – Obesity: How prejudiced is the NHS?”

  1. Linda Bushell-Thompson

    Dear Dr Rachel
    Well done! You are doing an excellent job. I’m sick and tired of hearing the media and some medical professionals putting the blame on overweight people. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, IBS and other health conditions I can only eat one small meal a day which consist of mostly fish, veg n salads. I don’t eat any fast or junk foods no fizzy drinks, I don’t smoke or drink yet I have put on weight. Before my illness I played and coached football, tennis, walked everywhere, cycled, jogged and lived an active life. I think its my gut hormones that needs sorting.


  2. Julie Rayner

    Thank you Professor for such an open discussion. I was shocked at the comments some Professionals owned up to in that their reactions to obese patients may be influenced by social commentary.

    I’m nowhere near as obese as some featured on the programme but believe that without a real change in attitude (lifestyle choice? Really?) I Will continue to live in a pattern of cyclical weight loss/gain.

    I’ve sat opposite my GP who all but rolled up their eyes when I asked for help in losing weight. “Here’s a diet sheet, do more exercise” is the typical response.

    Of course I accept that I must help myself too, but when ones weight prevents serious exercise and virtual starvation fails to shift any weight, is it any wonder that we reach for the comfort food, vowing to “start afresh” another day.

    I do hope your message is heard and taken on-board by health Professionals.

    Best regards

    Julie Rayner


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