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The London and South East Network is managed by Dr Clare Llewellyn. Get in touch with any ideas you may have for future meetings.


Previous Meetings

ASO London Network and the Adult COMs Network meeting

The ASO hosted an inaugural meeting of the London Network together with the launch of the Adult COMs Network in London on December 2nd, 2015 at the University of Liverpool London Campus.

The meeting was attended by 40 delegates including clinicians, researchers and policy-makers. The meeting topic came about after a provocative recent publication (Fildes et al; Am J Public Health: 105: e54-9) highlighted the low probability of an obese adult losing weight, and the difficulties in maintaining even small amounts of weight loss. This sparked discussion among the London ASO Regional Group Committee about the ineffectiveness of current weight loss interventions, and the need for new approaches. The focus of the first meeting was therefore ‘novel approaches to behaviour change in obesity’.

The speakers covered a range of topics from management of obesity in primary care, to novel interventions for the prevention and management of obesity at the individual level, to the potential for policy changes to effect weight at a population level.  The ASO Chair, Professor Pinki Sahota also launched the ASO Adult COMs network with the aim of strengthening and advancing the evidence base, improving practice and influencing policy for the management of obesity in adults within the UK.

Details of the presentations and speakers can be found in the programme. The slides from each of the talks can be viewed below.

The London Network committee were delighted with the level of interest in the talks, and the interactive discussion that the meeting promoted. We encourage delegates to contact us (Dr Clare Llewellyn; [email protected]) with ideas for future meetings or training days.

Speaker Presentations

ASO Adult COM's Launch - Professor Pinki Sahota

Management of obesity in primary care - Dr Helen Booth

The role of habit formation in weight management - Dr Benjamin Gardener

Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages - Malcolm Clark