EMBMI/ASO Midlands Regional Group Obesity Symposium – Registration open

This is a joint meeting of the ASO Midlands Regional Group & East Midlands Bariatric and Metabolic Institute (EMBMI).

The symposium has a number of nationally renowned speakers who are all recognised experts in their field. The talks will cover the latest research into obesity, obesity management, referral pathways, benefits of treatment and how patients can be best managed within the new commissioning framework.

The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in obesity, whether they are researchers, clinicians, GP's, practice nurses, allied health professionals, local authority, public health, commissioners of obesity services, or academics.

Session Timetable

  • Afternoon Session (1.50 - 5.40 pm)
  • Conference Buffet Dinner (5.40 - 6.30 pm) The conference buffet dinner is free for conference delegates and will be held in the same venue immediately before the evening session.
  • Evening Session (6.30 - 7.55 pm)

Further details,registration and programme can be found on the ASO Midlands Regional Group Page.


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