ASO Small Grant for COVID-19 Research - Call for Projects 2020

The Association for the Study of Obesity has funding available for new or ongoing research projects exploring the direct or indirect impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on health and wellbeing outcomes in people living with obesity or on population health. The research is expected to lead to new knowledge or innovations that make a difference to the lives of people living with obesity during the current COVID-19 epidemic.

  • We encourage proposals that address any of the following areas: mental health, lifestyle (including diet and physical activity), risk of infection, impact on self-management of obesity-related co-morbidities, psychological support for clinicians and/or patients, improved public health strategies.
  • A total of £20,000 is available. Applications for either the full £20,000, or smaller awards are welcome. The grant is to cover direct costs (including equipment, publication costs) but not indirect costs (i.e. overheads, estates and infrastructure).
  • We support collaborations across disciplines or in a specific research area that could have a significant impact forpeople living with obesity.
  • This call is open to members of the ASO (clinical or academics at any career stage), who are individuals resident in the UK and linked to a UK organisation which can act as a responsible project sponsor. In the case of Early Career Researchers a clear supervision plan from a senior academic should be provided.
  • We will not fund industry projects (unless matched funding is provided by an appropriate industry partner) or pump priming projects.
  • All applications will be reviewed by at least two academic referees who are experts in the area of the proposal. The final selection will be made using referees reports by members of the ASO Board of Trustees.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to present their findings at UKCO.
  • All successful applicants must submit a final report that will be due within 3 months of the conclusion of the project. This report should include both a scientific overview of milestones, objectives achieved, budget expended, impact and publications produced as well as a lay summary of the project that will be published on publicly available sites.

Application Form

Midnight on Tuesday, 30th June 2020 is the deadline for all applications that cover funding for the period August 2020 - 31 July 2021.