• Dr Nerys M Astbury

  • ASO Networks Officer (Midlands, South West, London & South East, East of England & Yorkshire)
  • Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Primary Card Health Sciences, University of Oxford

I’ve been a member of the ASO since I started my PhD and have been attending ASO events for many years and I am part of the local organizing committee for the 2020 UKCO which will be held in Oxford. I’m a nutrition scientist by background and studied mechanisms that regulated appetite in humans for my PhD. More recently I have become interested in how we can apply the things we know about dietary manipulation to help people lose weight effectively and maintain a lower body weight following weight loss. I spent 4 years working as a post-doctoral research fellow in the USA, which provided me with a fantastic experience of working on many NIH funded research studies investigating various aspects of obesity. Since returning to the UK I have been working with Professors Susan Jebb and Paul Aveyard at the University of Oxford where I was responsible for the Doctor Referral of Overweight people to Low-Energy Total Diet Replacement Treatment (DROPLET) trial- which has been influential in getting the NHS to pilot total diet replacement which will run in 2020.
I have attention to detail and highly organized and am a current member of the University of Oxford Medical Sciences Research Ethics Committee as well as an Associate Editor for BMC Endocrine Disorders and BMC Nutrition. I believe that together with my broad knowledge of obesity, my previous and current experience of the ASO make me a suitable candidate for Networks officer ASO Trustee.