• Professor R James Stubbs

  • Chair of Research and Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Professor of Appetite, Energy Balance, University of Leeds

James is a Professor of Appetite, Energy Balance at the University of Leeds. Has has a BA a PhD from the University of Cambridge, previously led the Rowett’s Human Appetite and Energy Balance programme and held joint appointments as Professor of Behaviour Change and Weight Management at the University of Derby and Senior Research Specialist in a Commercial Weight Management Company.
He has 30 years’ experience leading and managing multi-disciplinary collaborations and consortia in human behaviour, physiology and psychology of food intake, diet composition, obesity, appetite and energy balance. He spent 10 years in industry developing the evidence base for and applied solutions to weight control in the general population and maintain a special interest in sustained weight loss, relapse prevention and weight maintenance strategies. He links mechanistic research to innovations that can directly impact the obesity problem and teaches about energy balance behaviours, obesity and weight management.

He is experienced in bridging academic and industry interests, communicating at national and international conferences, by organising meetings and symposia and as an invited participant, in the media and in policy development within Europe and the United States.

Having worked in research institute, industry and university environments he applies skills and experience from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, to research and education, to help better understand and find solutions to obesity prevention and treatment.

Obesity is a chronic, relapsing condition, impacting preventable illness, for which there is currently no single-point solution. Obesity solutions require strategically targeted research, complex interventions, co-operation between multiple stakeholders and engagement of the next generation in research, teaching and practice. He hopes his expertise can help support the ASO as the UK’s foremost organisation dedicated to understanding, prevention and treatment of obesity, which is critically important to improve the health, well-being and lives of citizens.