UKCO2016 Programme Highlights: Roundtable Discussion

How can researchers, practitioners and policy makers influence and best work with industry?

Join us for this Roundtable Discussion that takes place on Monday afternoon September 19th at the 3rd UK Congress on Obesity. Registration closes on Wednesday September 7th.

Chair: Professor Simon Langley-Evans


Christopher Snowden (Spectator & Institute for Economic Affairs), Prof Ian Macdonald, (University of Nottingham), Professor Susan Jebb, (University of Oxford), Paul Gately, (Leeds Beckett University), Amanda Avery, (Slimming World)


How can researchers, practitioners and policy-makers influence and best work with industry?


Welcome and introductions (Chair). Panellists to explain how their work brings them into contact with industry.

Chair will ask Susan Jebb to start proceedings with a short warts-and-all summary of her experiences of working with industry. Discussion will follow on involving all participants.

Follow up questions from the Chair to encourage discussion:

  • Where do the boundaries need to be between research activity in a University that is funded by industry and industrial priorities? What pitfalls do researchers need to be aware of? (IM and SJ)
  • Is greater reliance on industrial funding distorting the work that researchers are doing, and are we seeing significant funder bias in the literature (IM might want to comment with IJO Editor hat on),
  • PG and AA are both involved with the commercial weight management sector. Are there any conflicts of interest between maintaining evidence-based practice and research and the need to ensure commercial success?
  • Learned societies are important influencers of policy- is there a conflict in accepting sponsorship for conferences and workshops?
  • Does engagement with industry undermine public confidence in ‘experts’?
  • To what extent should industry be welcome at the table when we as researchers or practitioners sit down with policy-makers?
  • Do we have good examples of where engagement with industry has had a positive effect on their behaviour and consumer health?

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